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"ENEMIES IN WAR" is a criminal indictment brought in the public domain for the benefit and protection of We the People of these United States. Our government has abrogated their duties, abandoned their oaths and aided and abetted those known to have violated our laws and Constitution. In so doing, bringing We the People and our government to the brink of war! Click here to learn more.

Click here to view Servings & Updates. Last updated April 20, 2009 with Supreme Court Petition for the extraordinary writs of mandamus and prohibition.

Please note that this website is intended as a companion to the book, not as a stand-alone indictment. Its purpose is to present copies of the evidence mentioned in the book, as well as provide other material where an interactive format was more appropriate. Click the button on the right to purchase the book.

October 22, 2009: Regrettably, the federal government has chosen to perpetuate the wall of silence and dereliction it has used to cover up this criminal matter. The indictment (Enemies in War), served upon the entire leadership and highest law-enforcement offices of this nation over a year ago, has not elicited so much as an inquiry. Though federal agents have surreptitiously monitored me, they steadfastly refuse to address this indictment in a forthright and lawful manner; as to do so would no doubt impugn them upon their respective oaths of office. That would be the oath (5 USC 3331) they refuse to live up to whereby all federal employees swear to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic. Obviously, this constitutionally mandated oath means as much to them as their word or the Constitution itself.

The "Enemies in War," T-Shirt(s) are being made available in part, to raise awareness of the documented criminal nature of this government and our duty as citizens to fight it. At the same time, to offset the inequitable debt (costs) I have incurred in the investigation and prosecution herein. Since these criminals have not only gotten away with fraud and treason, but for the most part, still maintain law-enforcement positions, I have disavowed federal authority in its entirety. To consent to the governance of such criminals, both those traitors named herein and those who protect them to this very day, is to acquiesce to tyranny. And this I will never do!

So help me God,

Brian Kilcullen
"I will not go silently into tyranny."

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